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Sunday, January 11, 2009

To do...

Let's see now...wake up - check...pack - check...take car to RAF base for midnight flight to the Falkland Islands - check. I'm off for two weeks to go and bother some penguins and set foot on my seventh continent, which is fairly exciting, and spend ten days afloat with 300 assorted senior citizens which, well, is what it is, I suppose. The cruise is billed as The Far Side of the World (though everywhere is the far side of the world to someone) which makes me feel like Russell Crowe in Master and Commander, except hopefully without the crude surgical procedures and eating the weevils out of biscuits, etc. Flying from a military facility is a bit scary (I get nervous around squaddies) - I just hope the inflight entertainment stretches beyond someone screaming 'Drop and give me twenty!" every hour.


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